Duty of care Police

The police have had emergency repairs made to your home by Uniglas, or have had your home opened by Uniglas.

What happend

The police have been in or near the home and have found that the doors or windows could no longer be locked. The police are legally obliged, as part of the duty of care of the police, to properly lock your home and/or premises again. The police have commissioned Uniglas to carry out these emergency repairs.

You are responsible for the costs of the repairs. Because we can imagine that this is not an everyday situation for you, we want to inform you as clearly as possible. Please find below further explanations.

Contact the police

You can find the exact reason in the letter that the police have left behind. If you have any questions about this, please contact the police by calling 0900-8844. Please ensure that you have the police letter wit you so that your questions can be dealt with quickly.


Het nummer van de politie


What is the role of Uniglas?

The police contracts Uniglas to carry out the work required to open and/or seal windows and doors. Uniglas performs this work nationally for the police.

Your home is locked with an emergency provision. You must take care of the final repair yourself, the costs of which will be borne by the occupant/owner of the home. If you are the owner of the property, you can call in a repairer yourself. If you rent a property, you must contact the landlord.

Why do I have to pay the costs myself?

This is regulated by law. We charge you for the costs incurred for opening and/or sealing windows and doors on the basis of article 6:198 and article 6:200 of the Civil Code (see downloads). In the mentioned articles of the Dutch Civil Code, the term duty of care is explained.

Uniglas generally invoices the owner of the building where the work was performed. The owner is also responsible for paying the invoice.

Will my insurance cover the costs?

In most cases, the damage is reimbursed by your insurer. They can tell you whether the costs will be reimbursed. In all cases, however, you remain responsible for paying our invoice. After you have paid the invoice to us you can submit it to your insurer. For the sake of completeness we would like to point out that we are entitled to charge additional costs if the invoice is not paid on time.

I would like more information

If you would like more information about the actions of the police and the reasons for these actions, please contact the police via telephone number 0900-8844. To ensure that your questions are dealt with quickly, please have the letter from the police to hand.

Would you like more information about Uniglas?
Then contact us via telephone number 088-8640099.

You can download the following information (in pdf format, in Dutch)